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Man Caught With Stolen Women's Underwear in S. Lubbock, LPD Report Says

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock man was arrested Thursday for misdemeanor theft after police accused him of stealing women’s panties and an Xbox.  

Police were called after 3:30 p.m. to the Target store at South Loop and University Avenue.  An officer spotted Austin Gentry Jones, 28, in a vehicle near the Target and initiated a traffic stop.  

Police were told that Jones entered the store, went to the women’s lingerie section and “began to act in a nervous and suspicious manner.”

Police were told, “[Jones] then selected several pairs of women's underwear and concealed them on his person.”

A police report said he then went to the electronics section where he took another item later described as an Xbox. 

The officer who initiated the traffic stop found four people in the vehicle, including Jones’ girlfriend. The officer asked the driver for permission to search. 

“I then observed several pairs of women’s underwear with price tags still attached. I believed this to be the stolen underwear,” the officer wrote.  The officer found the Xbox too.

Jones already has arrest warrants for previous cases.  Last year, Jones was accused of taking more than $225 from Wiggins Hall at Texas Tech that had been set aside as change for the StrEat Food Truck. That case was still pending Friday. 

He was also wanted for a case filed on January 8 – specifically, class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. That case was also still pending on Friday. 

In a 2015 case, Jones was charged with theft but that case was dismissed when he paid restitution to the victim. 

The other three people in the vehicle with Jones were let go. 


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