Mayor Says City Hall Renovations Have to Wait; Money Needed for Godeke

Published 07/06 2014 05:20PM

Updated 07/06 2014 05:24PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- The City of Lubbock might very well put off repairs to the basement of City Hall in order pay for cost overruns at the soon-to-be new location of Godeke Library, 5034 Frankford Avenue.

“We had some money in the budget for the basement at city hall,” said Mayor Glen Robertson.  “We also had some over run at Godeke.  So, that’s where we took it.”

Robertson said renovations at City Hall will probably just have to wait for the next fiscal year.

“I think there was some water seepage – an issue with a pipe that leaked,” Robertson said in describing the situation at City Hall.  “Most of it was wear and tear.” 

The current proposal – to be decided Thursday evening – calls for $866,000 to be taken from City Hall renovations and instead be used for Godeke.  There would still be $1,128,500 set aside for renovations of City Hall which could either be spent in the current budget cycle or it could be carried over into the 2014/2015 budget. 

The renovations to 5034 Frankford Avenue include concrete work, wood work, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and many other items.  Godeke is currently closed and is scheduled to reopen in the fall of 2014. 

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