Mother Found Guilty of Capital Murder in Post

POST, TX - Ashlee Dean was found guilty of capital murder for the killing of her 2-year-old daughter on February 20, 2014.  Dean was accused of shooting and killing her daughter in Post.

A Department of Public Safety forensic analyst testified that Dean had a high amount of methamphetamine in her system at the time of shooting.

Jury selection started last week and testimony began Monday.  The jury rendered its verdict on Friday afternoon. Dean was sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

During the trial, the prosecution brought forward expert witnesses who testified to the jury about the crime scene. Most notably an expert crime mapper who proved Dean had to be holding the gun and aiming it at her daughter for the blood splatter trajectory to be correct. 

Dean eventually took the stand maintaining her innocence throughout trial. She told the jury she only remembered hearing a loud boom and then seeing her daughter dead on the floor. 

In closing statements, the prosecution demanded justice for 2-year old Alexandria Dean. 

"We're finally glad to have some closure on this case," said one of the prosecution attorneys, Philip Furlow. "We think evidence was very clear. We know it was a very difficult case for the jury, it was very difficult for everyone who worked this case. They did excellent work investigating the case and we're just happy to get ahold of it and bring it to closure."

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Reporter Paige Pauroso was in the courtroom for the verdict. This story will be updated.  Please check back. 


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