Peppertree Shooting & Stabbing Suspect Wants Out of Jail

LUBBOCK, TX - Jose Luis Villegas, 20, of Lubbock petitioned a judge on Tuesday to lower his bond so he can get out of jail.  Villegas was held Wednesday for aggravated robbery, theft, and violating a promise to appear.  His bond for the agg robbery charge was $75,000, and $8,000 for the theft charges.  

Villegas was arrested on October 27 after he was accused of participating in the shooting and stabbing of Jesus Montez at the Peppertree Inn.  

“What happened to me was kind of bad. It hurt. I could have died,” Montez said in a TV interview after he was released from a local hospital.  He was shot in the leg and stabbed more than 10 times in the back. 

Montez said he was supposed to meet Villegas for the purchase of a gun.  He said Villegas and two other men then confronted him.  Montez said he felt like he was set up. 

Police said at the time that they were still looking for two more suspects.  As of Wednesday, only Villegas had been found and arrested.

In court records on Tuesday, Villegas’ attorney, Aaron Carter, described the $75,000 bond as “excessive and oppressive.”  

The court documents said, “Villegas is illegally confined and restrained of liberty by the Sheriff of Lubbock County, Texas in the Lubbock County Jail…” 

The request was filed in the 137th District Court.  So far, as of Wednesday, no hearing has been set and no order has been issued in response to the request.  

The criminal case for aggravated robbery was still pending.  


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