Police Report Released: Texas Tech Shooter's Encounter with LPD Before the Shooting

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Police on Thursday released new details about the Monday night shooting death of Texas Tech police officer Floyd East, Jr.  East arrested Hollis Daniels, 19, for drug possession, and Daniels was inside the Tech police station at the time of the shooting.  

“But unfortunately he was able to gain access to a weapon,” Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens said. Certain details have not been released.  However, Stevens did say Daniels was searched during the arrest. 

Daniels was not handcuffed at the time of the shooting.  He ran away from the police station, but he was found and arrested a short time later. 

Stevens mentioned a stolen gun investigation in which Daniels was the suspect.  Daniels now faces a federal firearms charge.  

Stevens did not say if the stolen firearm was the same gun used to kill Floyd East. The officer was not shot with his own gun. 

When police found Daniels early Monday morning for the traffic stop, there was not enough evidence to make an arrest or even search Daniel’s vehicle.

Police stopped him Sunday after 1:00 a.m. in the 3300 block of 19th Street.  

One of the officers wrote in a police report, “[The other officer] advised me that he had already checked [the suspect’s] person and he was unarmed.”

Daniels admitted he had a confrontation earlier with someone in the 3400 block of 28th Street. At that time, the victim confronted Daniels about a missing gun, and the police report said Daniels denied it.

The victim and witnesses said Daniels threatened to kill the victim.  Daniels left and was subsequently stopped and questioned by police.  They issued a trespass warning to him and let him go.

The police report mentions a charge called terroristic threat.  The charge might better be described in common parlance as making a personal threat.  Chief Stevens made it clear that Daniels is not tied to domestic or international terrorism. 

Roughly 18 hours after the traffic stop, officer East was shot and killed. 

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As of Thursday, Daniels was held in the Lubbock County Detention Center for capital murder.  He was also indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday for possession of a stolen firearm.

These abbreviations are used in the police report. 

Suspect = S1
Victim = V1
Witness = W1, W2, W3... etc. 

The following is the full text of the narrative from the police report on Sunday. 

On October 9th, 2017 at approximately 0112 I was dispatched to 34XX 28th Street regarding a disturbance.  The dispatcher advised me that the disturbance was over the theft of a firearm and the suspect to the theft was upset about the accusation and was returning to the residence.  While enroute to the residence the dispatcher advised me that the suspect had arrived at the residence but was now leaving southbound on Indiana Avenue in a silver BMW SUV.  Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx advised he would search for the suspect vehicle while I made contact at the residence.

S1 is the suspect to both criminal charges.
V1 and S1 are acquaintances.
W1-W5 are witnesses to the terroristic threat.

I arrived at 34XX 28th Street but before I made contact at the residence and heard Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx check out on traffic with the suspect vehicle in the 3300 block of 19th Street.  I advised the dispatcher that I would be enroute to Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx's location.  I arrived at the 3300 block of 19th Street and made contact with Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx and S1.  Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx advised me that he had already checked S1's person and he was unarmed.  I asked S1 where he was coming from.  S1 indicated he had just gotten into an altercation with a friend of his at his residence and believed he dropped his cellphone so he returned in an attempt to locate it.  I advised S1 for the reason for the stop and asked him if there were any firearms inside of his vehicle, he said no.  I asked S1 for consent to search his vehicle.  S1 refused consent.  I advised Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx to detain S1 in his patrol unit while I returned to the residence, he agreed.

I returned to the residence located at 34XX 28th Street and made contact with V1 and asked him what happened.  V1 indicated that he was told S1 came to the residence at approximately 1500 today and while at the residence he was caught coming out of his bedroom by W3.  V1 indicated that W3 confronted S1 regarding being in his bedroom and S1 the residence shortly after without telling anyone.  V1 indicated that when he was told about this incident he went into his bedroom at approximately 0030 and discovered the listed firearm was missing.  V1 indicated that he contacted S1 and asked him about the missing firearm and S1 told him he was on his way back to the residence.  V1 indicated that S1 arrived at the residence and when questioned about the firearm he denied stealing it.  V1 indicated that S1 said if he would have stolen the firearm he would have already shot him with it.  V1 indicated that S1 further advised him that he didn't fight fair and if a fight ensued he would kill him.  V1 indicated that S1 reached towards his waist band so he struck him in the face and fled to the interior of the residence.  V1 indicated that S1 returned to the residence a short time later and began pacing in the front yard and looking through his vehicle so they called the police.

I spoke to the rest of the witnesses and they all indicated they heard S1 threaten to kill V1.  I asked V1 if he feared for his life due to the threats, he said yes.

V1 was unable to provide me with a serial number for the listed firearm so it was not entered into TCIC/NCIC.  

S1 was issued a criminal trespass warning by Officer C. Xxxxxxxxx and released from the traffic stop.

BWC was Utilized.
No Further Information at This Time.


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