Prince Richards' Arrest Warrant Shows What Led to Murder in South Lubbock

LUBOBCK, TX - An arrest warrant provided new details Thursday morning in the case against Prince Tariq Richards, 19, of Lubbock who was charged with murder.  

Richards was accused of shooting Peter Caballero Sunday evening near 98th Street and Avenue V. 

An arrest warrant said, “[A man] had arranged to sell a Gucci belt and a small quantity of marijuana to sell to a black male that he only knew as Skrappy.”  

The man told police he had met Skrappy about one year ago.  The man was able to provide police with Skrappy's Facebook account page with photos of him.

The arrest warrant for murder said, “[Investigators] were able to identify Skrappy as Prince Tariq Richards, … by utilizing his Facebook page and information and photos on his Facebook page.” 

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The man met with Skrappy and got into a car with him near the site of the shooting.  A second man with Skrappy pointed a gun at the man who was selling the Gucci belt and marijuana.  

“Skrappy took the Gucci belt, the marijuana and searched [the first man’s] pockets for other property,” the warrant said.  It also said Skrappy took the man’s cell phone. 

The first man got out of the car as soon he could because he was afraid he would get shot.  He met up with Caballero and a couple other friends at 98th and V.  

He told them that he had been robbed, and three friends ran after the car.  The warrant doesn’t say so but presumably they did not catch up to it.  

The man told police, “He and Caballero were walking north on Avenue V near 98th Street, when he noticed the same car slowly drive past them from the south towards 98th Street.”  The man heard shots.  He and Caballero ran.  

“[The man] stated that Caballero collapsed on the sidewalk. Caballero told [him] ‘I’m not going to make it. I’m dying.’ EMS arrived and transported Caballero to UMC where he was pronounced deceased.”

Richards was found by police Wednesday evening near 45th Street and Elgin Avenue.

He was arrested “without incident.”  He was held Thursday in the Lubbock County Detention Center.  Bond was not yet set.  


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