Prosecutors Want to Keep AK-47, Cash Seized in N. Lubbock Arrest

LUBBOCK, TX - Prosecutors on Monday asked a judge for permission to permanently keep cash and guns, including an AK-47, taken during the arrest of five men in December.

Police were called to the 3700 block of Erskine Street for the report of someone smoking marijuana in an apartment.

Police arrested Allen Dexter Levier Jr., Crafford Demarques Lee, Fasil Kide Fitta, Joseph Charles Richards III, and Cager Jack.  A police report said all five would be charged with drug possession.  Court records indicated they all were able to post bond to get out of jail.

The police report said Lee greeted a police officer at the front door of the apartment with a gun in hand.

A police officer wrote in his report, “I knocked on the door where I was greeted by [Lee] who was holding a black semiautomatic pistol.”

“I immediately grabbed [Lee’s] right wrist and advised him not to move. I took the pistol away,” the officer wrote.

Officers found roughly $6,000 cash, marijuana, Xanax, scales and at least five guns including an AK-47.  The marijuana weighed a little more than 19 ounces. Police estimated there was nearly 109 grams of Xanax. 

The men can file court documents requesting to get the cash and guns back.

If a judge says prosecutors can keep these items, then the proceeds go into a fund to support law enforcement operations. 


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