Report of Shot Fired, TX Health & Human Service Building Evacuated

Update: a woman was arrested.

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Police, Lubbock Fire Rescue and EMS responded to the report of a woman with a gun and a shot fired.

It turns out, the weapon was a CO2 pellet gun, but police did not know that at first.  The call came in just after 11:30 a.m. Tuesday at 1718 Parkway Drive.  

Just before 1:30 Lubbock Police said a female suspect was taken into custody.  She was publicly identified as Rosenda Rey, 22.  She was charged with terroristic threat (despite the name of the charge, it has nothing to do with terrorism).  

Police said people in the building were able to safely evacuate.  Police confirmed that there were no injuries. They added there is still no indication as to why Rey entered the building in the first place. 

Witnesses said whether it was a real gun or not, the experience was terrifying. 

"They told us to lockdown," Amber Pittman said. She was inside the building. "We were all freaking out: me, my daughter and my grandson. All I know is we heard a 'pow-wow.' It was like 'bam bam bam bam,' and the gun was in pieces, supposedly. But we saw the woman go into the bathroom, and she looked scared hysterical."

Louise Anders was inside the building with her baby.

"It's hard knowing something like that was around my son," she said. "It's actually pretty scary to me honestly." 

Immediately below is a picture of the pellet gun.  And further below is a video update from LPD.  

App users might need to click here to see the video update. 


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