Richard Dickerson Sentenced for Indecency with Child Exposure

LUBBOCK, TX - A judge sentenced former Texas Tech Health Sciences professor Richard Dickerson 10 years sentence suspended to 10 years community supervision for indecency with a child--exposure. He must also do 90 days of “shock jail time.”

Defense Attorney Dan Hurley argued that Dickerson "is not a sexual predator."

Hurley referred to earlier testimony from Dickerson's step daughter stating that "there was never, ever a time, that she experienced unwanted sexual contact of any kind."

Hurley said that Dickerson "was not himself the night in question, in a fog." He also said that Dickerson did admit to exposing himself to the children, but "didn't mean any harm to the children."

Hurley said, "One could surmise that these bad circumstances were set up to gain a financial advantage." 

Hurley continued, "We believe that the evidence in this case shows a single episode that will never happen again."

Hurley asked the judge to consider strongly probating any sentence because he believes the evidence is insufficient for intent of sexual desire.

"We ask that you apply the punishment that fits the crime," said Hurley.  "We send people to prison we are afraid of, not that we find are incredibly stupid."

Baron Slack, prosecutor, said "this is not a 'not guilty' plea, it's a 'no contest' plea."


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