Same Old Phone Scam Again Targets LP&L Customers

Published 05/18 2014 01:51PM

Updated 05/18 2014 02:02PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- In mid-December reported a scam that was targeting customers of Lubbock Power & Light. At that time reporters with both KAMC and KLBK television confronted the scam artists by phone. According to LP&L the same scam is back.

“We have heard in the last seven days four or five reports of customers being called,” said LP&L spokesman Matt Rose. “A person on the phone demanded payment or else the power would be cut off.”

“It’s the same scam that has been hitting other utilities across the state,” Rose said.

“We have been working with LPD [the Lubbock Police Department] and reporting every single one of these so they can add it to their case file,” Rose said. “We’ve been working other utilities to keep records on how this scam is perpetrated.”

LP&L does have automated calls to remind people of a late bill, but a live person will never call and demand money over the phone according to Rose.

“This is common and it comes in cycles,” Rose said. “We saw a large number at Christmas time. Now that we are approaching the summer we are seeing the same scammers calling.”

If in doubt a customer can call 806-775-2509.

Rose also said, “If someone gives out personal information it may be necessary for the customer to call their financial institution and take action protect their financial accounts.”

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