Sistos Wants Out of Jail Amid Violent Robbery Accusation

LUBBOCK, TX - On Monday, the attorney for Byron Lee Sistos, 34, of Lorenzo asked a court to lower his bond so he could get out of the Lubbock County Detention Center.

Sistos was arrested in October for aggravated robbery and unlawful carrying of a weapon in Lubbock.  But he also had a pending charge for burglary in Crosby County.

His total bonds are $96,000.  That breaks down to $75,000 for aggravated robbery, $1,000 for UCW, and $20,000 for the burglary charge.

Sistos’ attorney requested that the bonds for his Lubbock charges be reduced to $1,000.  The Crosby County charge was not mentioned in the newest court record.

“The posting of bond in such reduced amount will reasonably and adequately secure the presence of the defendant before this court,” the attorney wrote in court records.

As of Wednesday morning, no ruling or hearing date on the matter was listed in court records.

Update: In August a judge lowered bond and Sistos was able get of jail. 

Correction: A previous version of this story described Sistos’ participation in a specific armed robbery.  He in fact was charged in that robbery. However, his co-defendant, Ramiro Sistos was held responsible by a jury for some of the actions that were previously described in this story.  

Ramiro Sistos was sentenced to 12 years in prison on 1/10/2018.  The case against Byron Sistos was still pending as of that same date. 


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