Speeding Cameras Voted Down by Lubbock County Commissioners

Published 03/24 2014 01:06PM

Updated 03/24 2014 02:14PM

By Abigail Arroyos

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock County Commissioners voted 4 - 0 Monday morning against installing speeding cameras in school zones throughout the county. Lubbock County Judge Tom Head was not present for the vote.

Precinct Three Commissioner Bubba Sedeno said they would be ineffective as drivers begin to anticipate the location of the cameras.

Sedeno said, "The deal is, maybe the first three or four days, when you put a camera out there, in a location, they're going to catch people speeding. After those two or three days, people are going to know where those vehicles are."

Sedeno characterized the plan as being a money-making scheme for the county, and said that Lubbock drivers would and should slow down regardless of camera presence. Sedeno said despite making money for the county initially, the cameras would ultimately not be worth the dollars they raise.

"That money sounds good at first, but I believe people know when to slow down," Sedeno said.

The cameras were proposed for Lubbock County school zones only, and not other parts of the county. The county was told that the potential revenue from the cameras, if installed, could be millions of dollars.

Precinct Four Commissioner Patty Jones said before the vote that safety was a high priority in the vote, despite many who saw the cameras as a ploy to make money.

"There are always those looking to turn a profit. That's our dilemma," Jones said. "We have to decide what was and wasn't a safety concern."

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