Summer Swim Safety

Lubbock, TX -  With school ending in just weeks it's likely you'll take the kids to the pool.

But, doctors at Covenant Children's Hospital have a few things they recommend you should know to have a healthy and safe swim with your family.

“You can burn about 500 calories an hour in the pool, just by wading and walking with a little bit of resistance," said Dr. Samuel Herrera, ER Physician at Covenant Children's.

Not to mention it can strengthen your relationship.

"There are studies out there that show parents who are actually taught by their parents to learn to swim will teach their children as well," said Dr. Herrera.

But, there are a few things you need to take along especially if your children are young. The first is a life vest.

"That is probably the most reliable source of saving and preventing someone from drowning," said Dr. Herrera.

Don't forget the sunscreen that is a minimum of SPF 30. Plus, make sure you kids don't run around the pool or dive into shallow water.

Doctor Herrera recommends parents bring another thing with you, knowledge on how to save your child's life in a near drowning situation.

"People who are there that perform CPR on individuals in an early response is very beneficial to the victim," said Dr. Herrera.

"It could be in your back yard, in a swimming pool and if you find them and you're the first person you need to initiate it as soon as possible," said Shannon Mims-Cepica a Registered Nurse and Nurse Specialist at Covenant Children's.

For infants Mims-Cepicia said to cover their nose and mouth with yours and push air in. For toddlers and older just their mouth. But for both.

"30-compressions and two breaths, 30-compressions and two breaths," said Mims-Cepicia.

A good tempo to go by is the Bee Gees song "Stayin alive." Plus, she said you're never to young to learn how to save a life.

"It's for any age. You can have children learn how to do it.  They can be 80 or 85-years old to do it. Anyone can be a first responder and be somebody to initiate CPR," said Mims-Cepicia.

Mims-Cepica mentioned that there are several classes available for parents and children to become CPR certified.

You can find that link here for Covenant Children's.  Classes are $10 per person. This class gives parents training on how to administer CPR to infants up to a year.

For children and adults you can find classes and locations here.

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