Support Moms who Breastfeed

Lubbock, TX - Breastfeeding newborns is proven to be better for the infant and forms a special bond between the mom and baby.

The largest challenge is to help and encourage moms to continue to provide milk after the return to work. 

Lactation Specialist, Shannon Mims-Cepica, stresses the importance of breast feeding your baby after birth.  She says, "think about it, it's always available, it's always the right temperature, it's free and it's cost effective." She continues, "it's very important to breastfeed due to all the immune properties in moms breast milk.  It's the gold standard nutrition for babies." 

Before the baby is born, attend the birthing classes and what to expect when the baby gets here.  Covenant offers them on a regular basis.

It can be difficult when moms head back to work. Mims-Cepica tells us, "for moms it is hard to come back to work after having a baby to be able to provide milk for them while at work is very rewarding. And it makes for happier moms."

But it's not just allowing moms to pump while at work, it's also about being supportive of all breastfeeding moms. Shannon makes the point very clear, "anywhere a mom and baby can be they can breastfeed.  The Texas law does protect them.  It's also important to know when you see that mom breastfeeding, be her cheerleader, encourage her and let her know that it's great.  Don't make a big deal out of it other than praising her and letting her provide for her baby wherever it is."


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