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Tech baseball fans line up to get student tickets

Lubbock, TX - Texas Tech students woke up early to line up Thursday to get tickets to Saturday's Super Regional baseball game.
The general admission tickets sold out before they even went on sale.
However, Tech saved more than 300 tickets just for students.
Hundreds of students camped out overnight to get the best seat in the house.
"We got here between 11 and midnight last night. We just got back from Mexico on our honeymoon," said Texas Tech students Mike Russell and Rebekah Russell.
The newlyweds left the beach to get to Lubbock and jump in line.
"Oh, this is like a second honeymoon right here, so it's like it can't get any better than this," Mike Russell said.
The Russells are die-hard baseball fans and even got updates about the Super Regional while on their honeymoon in another country.
"We had been following the regional on our Twitter feed down in Mexico and so we're like, 'We have to make it back for the Super Regional tickets,'" Mike Russell said.
The Russells stayed prepared throughout the night, bringing with them hammocks, sleeping bags and tents.
"I'm super stoked about this game more than most people," Joshua Egloff, a Texas Tech student, said.
It may have been a long night for the Russells and other fans, but they say it was well worth it to see their team take on Duke.
"It's really good, I've been playing baseball my whole life so I'm really excited to come out here and watch Tech and I know they're gonna do great," Egloff said.
As for the Russells, they said the wait was worth it. They'll even finish up their honeymoon in Omaha if the Red Raiders win this weekend.
"If we win this, we'll go to the College World Series as well, so that would be a lot of fun," Mike Russell said.

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