Tobacco Road Raided by Lubbock Police, New Court Records Revealed

LUBBOCK, TX - Police and prosecutors asked a judge on Monday for permission to permanently keep $1,770.47 which was seized from a smoke shop called Tobacco Road at 2908 Parkway Drive.  

Civil court records said police investigated Another Tobacco Road at 2805 Avenue Q back in January.  Court records said synthetic cannabinoids were discovered at that time.  Later police investigated Tobacco Road at 2908 Parkway Drive and Tobacco Road at 4202 Avenue A.

Undercover purchases revealed more synthetic cannabinoids, court records said.

On May 3, police raided the Parkway Drive location of Tobacco Road. 

Court records said, “$1770.47 dollar US Currency was located as well as documents, receipts, ledgers, and employee records indicating [an employee] and Anthony Carter were involved in selling illegal synthetic cannabinoids.”

Carter was charged with deceptive trade practices in 2014 related to allegations of selling synthetic cannabinoids.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one day in jail.

Carter can file a request to get the $1770.47 back.  But, as of Tuesday, he had not yet done so.

If Carter does not get the money back, it will go into a forfeiture fund for use by local law enforcement. 

UPDATE: On Wednesday, more records became available.  They showed the police also seized $2,178 from the Avenue A location, and $1,599 from the Avenue Q location.  Police and prosecutors are asking for permission to permanently keep the money seized from all three of Carter’s business locations. 

UPDATE #2: We reported that no criminal charges were listed against Carter as of Tuesday afternoon.  After a grand jury indictment Tuesday, new court records were added to the court docket showing that Carter was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. 


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