Top Officials at City Hall to Get Big Pay Raises

Published 02/23 2014 02:19PM

Updated 02/23 2014 10:48PM

 LUBBOCK, TX – This week the Lubbock City Council will consider hefty pay raises for the interim City Attorney Mitch Satterwhite, City Secretary Rebecca Garza and City Manager James Loomis.

Satterwhite was asked to take on the responsibilities of City Attorney Sam Medina who has been on leave since mid-January. A proposed resolution would temporarily increase his salary from $162,136.00 to $205,303.96 until August 13 or until he is no longer the interim City Manager. The 26% pay raise would be retroactive to January 10.

As of this past summer, Garza had been paid $101,527. Under a proposed resolution her pay would be increased to $139,236.15, and the pay raise would be retroactive October 1, 2013.

Loomis was paid roughly $200,000 as of the time he was appointed City Manager in late September. In January there was talk of increasing his pay and asking him stay on longer than the end of 2014 as previously planned. A proposed resolution calls for Loomis to be paid $250,000 with his pay increase being retroactive to October 1, 2013.

Mayor Glen Robertson says the numbers are not final, and the raises may not end up being that big.

"Until the vote is taken, I almost discount the numbers that are on the agenda, because I know this council is going to want to have an in-depth discussion and those numbers will and probably will change," said Robertson.

Robertson said each case is different, but all three deserve a raise.

"In the case of Ms. Garza, a lot of hers is the fact that she has not been given raises over the last several years. I mean the past two or three councils have really held that down. Mr. Loomis is in such a unique position in that he is making really so little for a typical city manager. He's making about $15,000 less than our previous city manager and about $20,000 than the temporary city mangager before that city manager, so its just more catch up there. The situation with Mr. Satterwhite, when you take the responsibility from being an assistant city attorney to being the city attorney the responsibilty upgrade is so severe that it is going to merit quite a big increase there," he said.

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