Tri-Global Investors Lobby LP&L About Wind Energy Prior to Board Meeting

Published 03/23 2014 03:25PM

Updated 03/23 2014 10:25PM

By James Clark

LUBBOCK, TX -- Individual investors with Lubbock-based Tri-Global Energy have been sending a form letter to City of Lubbock officials including those with Lubbock Power & Light.

The letter was dated March 14, and said in part, “I am writing to encourage you and other influential leaders and other influential Lubbock, TX leaders to utilize the clean, renewable wind energy that is, and will continue to be, locally produced…”

“By using your influence to further this endeavor, you will be assisting in creating thousands of local jobs and adding millions of dollars to the overall economy of West Texas and the Lubbock area…”

The text of the form letter does not say “Tri-Global” but more than one source inside the city government has confirmed the origin as individual Tri-Global investors.

Tri-Global made news with the announcement of plans for what it called the “world’s largest” wind farm in Hale County.  The plan - as announced - was to generate more than 1,000 megawatts.  

The Tri-Global investors' letter comes ahead of a March 25 LP&L board meeting during which there will be a closed-door meeting about wind energy. An LP&L spokesman, Matt Rose, said he could not confirm or deny if Tri-Global would be part of the closed-door discussion.

LP&L has a deal to purchase 100 megawatts from the Elk City 2 project in 2019, and Rose said, “It is our desire to incorporate as much renewable energy as possible without having to subsidize it with a rate hike.”

“Over the past year, we have been working on a continuous basis with several organizations in an effort to bring more renewable energy into our portfolio.” Rose said.

Rose added, “We have to be mindful that we need to have firm power [from a traditional power plant]. So, renewables will be done to augment firm power.”

Smart Meters

Lubbock Power & Light will also discuss an item on the agenda described as, “Discuss, deliberate and the Board will take possible action regarding the exclusion of Smart Meters from the Lubbock Power & Light annual budget for fiscal year 2014-15”

Rose said, “We had one board member put an item on the agenda to see if we would put it off until the next year.”

The concern, Rose said, is that LP&L must concentrate on acquiring a new major power source prior to spring of 2019. Can LP&L go forward with smart meters at the same time? The board will discuss that question.

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