Watch Out for More Deer Roaming the Streets

Published 07/02 2014 06:48PM

Updated 07/02 2014 07:03PM

By Anna Wiernicki

LUBBOCK, TX—With all the rain and construction, it’s likely that more deer and wildlife will be roaming around the Hub City.

Early Wednesday morning a deer hit a woman’s car on 82
nd and L. The driver was okay, but there was damage to her car bumper and windshield.

This was the first deer spotted on Wednesday. The South Plains Wildlife received numerous calls throughout the day from residents who spotted a couple more near Indiana and 98

Gail Barnes from South Plains Wildlife said that with the recent rain and construction, we should expect to see even more.

“We've been in a drought for over four years and wildlife has been coming into town for food and water,” Barnes said. “Plus Lubbock is expanding and taking over their habitat.”

If you do see a deer, Barnes stresses to not approach it because it could be dangerous. “People need to slow down, beware, just like you are watching for a child crossing the street,” Barnes said. “You do not want to get out of your car and try to help it because you don't want to cause an accident.”

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