Wish Wednesday: Delainey is Back From Hanging Out with the Zombies

LUBBOCK, TX - Delainey Kendrick was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school.

She is unbelievably talented, innovative, and just got back from going behind the scenes of "The Walking Dead" attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. As a budding SFX makeup artist, Delainey got a chance to see just how the zombies get their makeup done.

"I learned more effectiveness and being able to really hurry and get the makeup done. If I'm doing someone on stage makeup or anything like that, I can really learn to get them on and get them anywhere they need to be quickly," said Delainey, Wish Kid.

So, how is their process different from hers?

"I'm very used to doing things very up close and being able to take very close up pictures. They're very used to being very quick with interactions and being able to have dark lighting and everything in there. So mine was very very different from theirs, just opposite really," said Delainey.

She also got a chance to use the make-up and tools the walking dead artists use too.

"I got to paint it whenever they were doing their own makeup. I got to shadow them. I guess and do whatever they were doing. So I got to see the different kinds of makeup, the different textures from what they use and I use. It was really cool," said Delainey.

Delainey and her family then got a tour with all the lights on, even able to welcome the first group of tourists that day.

"We got to go before with the lights on which no one has ever gotten to do before," said Delainey. "It was really cool because I got to see a lot more of the small details most people don't get to see. I got to open the attraction, we were the first people in there in a crowd of huge people. Got to see the animatronics I guess and it was really moving, really different to see, it was really nice."  

And then they played tourists going through "The Walking Dead" permanent attraction in the dark.

"Going as a family was very cool. We've been through it and so we kind of saw where everything was, it gave us an idea of where everyone was going to be. Okay over in this corner there's going to be someone standing there and he's going to jump out and as he does he's going to press a button. We knew it was there and as you come around the corner we jumped anyway," said Brian Kendrick, Delainey's dad.

The whole family had something different they wanted to see and Make-A-Wish gave them enough time to experience it all.

"Amber wanted to go to the Walk Of Fame and see the Hollywood Sign. [Then] the beach which was what Rachel wanted to do," said Brian.

So the family spent a few hours at the beach in Malibu. "I've never really been to the beach when I was older. Riding the waves was really fun. The waves would push us over and the waves would just carry us," said Rachel, Delainey's sister.

Then the family took a stop at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which gave them a chance to meet some celebrities.

"We saw Rihanna walk by very quickly. Cara Delavine, I tried to get a picture," said Delainey.

"I saw Punky Brewster," said Amber Kendrick, Delainey's mom.

"I saw Rico on 'Hannah Montana,' it was great," said Delainey.

Overall, the Kendrick family had an amazing trip. 

If you would like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation give them a call at 806-785-9474.


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