Wish Wednesday: Wishmakers on Campus Looking for New Members

LUBBOCK, TX - Wishmakers on Campus is gearing up for another exciting semester at Texas Tech.

"So Wishmakers on Campus has been around Texas Tech for about five years now. It's open to anyone enrolled at Texas Tech. Our main purpose is to raise money for Make-A-Wish and get more members involved in Make-A-Wish," said Briley Fleitman, Wishmakers on Campus member.

They're looking for more members to help bring magic to kids right here on the South Plains.

"So in the fall we actually do a wish granter training and help them through that. What that does is allows them to do the wish granting process with wish kids personally," said Fleitman.

This fall, students will be able to throw an art party for wish kids and their families

"That's where we introduce our new members to the wish kids in Lubbock. So we get the wish kids and their families to come up and we do different kinds of arts and crafts with them, which later on in the spring we actually auction off," said Fleitman.

Wishmakers on Campus hopes students will join and not just to get some volunteer hours on their resumes.

"The main thing there is to show them the personal side of Make-A-Wish. It's forming a connection and relationship with the wish kids and their families and seeing the purpose of Make-A-Wish hands on and front to front," said Fleitman.

Students are already working on the big fundraiser they hold each spring.

"Yeah so in the spring we'll do the Walk for Wishes. Usually it's in April sometime, we haven't set the exact date yet," said Fleitman.

If you would like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation give them a call at 806-785-9474.

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