Ziegler Announces Bid for Texas House District 83 Seat

Published 07/10 2014 11:41AM

Updated 07/10 2014 11:48AM

Sondra Zeigler, Image from Facebook
Sondra Zeigler, Image from Facebook

LUBBOCK, TX (PRESS RELEASE) -- Today, Sondra Ziegler announced that she will seek the State House District 83 seat currently occupied by Charles Perry when Perry removes himself from the ballot to run for State Senate District 28. That seat was vacated on July 3rd by Bob Duncan who was selected to succeed Kent Hance as Chancellor of Texas Tech University.

Sondra Ziegler is a long-time Lubbock grassroots activist in the Republican Party, and former West Texas Regional Director and campaign staffer for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm in the mid to late-1990s. Ziegler is currently the Executive Director of Nathan Ziegler & Associates, the Lubbock elder law firm owned by her husband.

She cites her independence as one of the top reasons to select her for the seat. “I do not have professional considerations that would keep me from saying hard things, and casting hard votes.”

“I have now met with all the Republican County Chairmen of District 83 who will have a vote in this selection. I can tell you they are all independent thinkers. My message to all of them has been, ‘A district as red as ours can send a fighter – so let’s do it. This is a two-front battle. We’ve got to go on offense for the causes of life and liberty -- both legislatively in Austin, and in the court of public opinion. It’s time to start finding creative ways to preach the blessings of liberty to new Texans and young Texans.”

Ziegler went on to say, “I’m a straight shooter. I’ve told them all that I don’t think going to Austin to vote “no” is enough. We need to go on offense to win hearts and minds, and we need conservative solutions.”

Addressing the race for Speaker of the House, Sondra Ziegler said, “In a state that has elected 95 Republicans and only 55 Democrats to the State House, we ought to be able to pick a Speaker who isn’t beholden to every Democrat in the chamber. It shouldn’t be easier for Democrats to get legislation to the floor for consideration than it is for many Republicans. But that’s the situation we’re in. We’re a red state passing purple legislation. I don’t think it’s in the interest of the cause of liberty, the future of District 83, or Texas to re-elect Joe Straus.”

“Whether I win or lose, I’ll do everything in my power to help elect Scott Turner as Speaker of the House.”

Speaking of Turner’s prospects for winning the Speaker’s race, Ziegler said, “After my meeting with Representative Turner, I came away knowing that he is someone Republicans from across our state can unite behind because they’ll know their bills will get a fair hearing. And I tell you something else, anyone who thinks Scott Turner won’t carry his race for Speaker all the way to a vote on the House floor, hasn’t met Scott Turner.”

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