Man Presents Police With Plaque as "Thank You" for Arresting Him

ALAMEDA, CA - A man named Doug, who wished to withhold his last name, provided police officers with a plaque this week in Alameda, California.

He was thanking officers for arresting him. 

Doug is a recovering alcoholic.  After one night of drinking, he passed out on his front lawn where police found him. 

“And instead of taking me to jail, they picked me up, and carried me up the stairs and put me in bed,” Doug said. 

Two years ago, Doug was charged with four DUI’s in 12 days.  

In one episode, he blacked out and his vehicle hit seven cars.

“Those cars were unoccupied fortunately. Where would I be today if I had hit seven children in a crosswalk?”

Even though they arrested him, Doug credits the officers for getting him started on the road to recovery.

“I don’t look back on it as a negative experience,” Doug said.  “I look at it as the greatest helping hand probably I've ever been offered in my life.” 

Lieutenant Wayland Gee with Alameda Police said, “It makes me proud. Proud of my department, proud of the officers that were involved and proud of Doug.”

Use the video link below for more on this story. 

Video from KPIX ( 


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