Secret Santa spends more than $10,000 paying off layaway accounts

CHERRY HILL, NJ (WCMH) - A New Jersey man is putting the magic back in the holiday season this year.

The secret Santa, identified only as Charley K., spent more than $10,000 paying off layaway orders at Toys-R-Us in Cherry Hill on Friday.

“”I’m just trying to bring some happiness to people,” Charlie told KYW. “That’s really it. Help bring back to the community that has brought so much happiness to me and my family.”

Charlie paid off 62 layaway orders to the tune of $10,780.

Stephanie Dawson heard about what Charlie was doing and rushed to the store. Her layaway account was one of the ones Charlie paid off.

“I want to say thank you very much and I appreciate it and thank God for you,” she said. Charlie’s act of kindness paid for seven presents for Stephanie’s grandchildren.

Jessica Jey received the same surprise when she showed up at Toys-R-Us. She had no idea about Charlie’s gift and was planning on paying full price for the toys set aside for her kids.

“They come over and tell me someone actually paid the layaway,” she said. “It’s definitely and early Christmas and I want to say thank you to the gentleman that came in and donated. It’s like the best feeling. Thank you.”

Charlie’s act of kindness didn’t end with paying off layaway accounts: he also asked everyone in the store to pick out three toys for him to buy and donate to Toys for Tots.

“The Marines and Toys for Tots are one of the best organizations,” Charlie said. “I don’t want to forget them.”

With the Toys for Tots gifts and the layaway purchases, Charlie spent close to $12,780 making sure children and families get everything on their wish list.

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