Petition Verified by City Secretary's Office, Councilman Hernandez Will Not Resign

Former Lubbock County Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez, Republican,
initiated a recall petition effort against City Councilman Victor
Hernandez. Others who joined in the effort were Frank Gutierrez, Armando
Gonzales and Beatrice Perez (Ysidro Gutierrez' daughter).

This morning, City Secretary Becky Garza announced that there were a
sufficient number of verified signatures to necessitate a November 2013
election to give voters the opportunity to recall or not recall
Councilman Hernandez.

City Councilman Victor Hernandez stated, "Throughout the process of Mr.
Gutierrez, et al, gathering signatures, I received numerous phone calls
from some of the voters being approached. The callers stated that they
were told by those collecting their signature that the petition being
circulated was in fact, to support me as their Councilmember. Other
callers reported being told that the petition being circulated was an
effort to reduce the LP&L electric rate. As a result of this
misinformation, some members of the community signed the recall

Challenges to the petition had to be filed prior to the petition being
turned in to the City Secretary's Office.

Councilman Hernandez continued, "I would again urge District 1 residents
to remain calm as we push forward to the November election. Furthermore,
I would ask that District 1 voters support me by voting against the
recall effort. In a nutshell, this initiative has become a referendum on
a public official's right to make inquiries of senior staff members in
order to perform his duties and thus cast his votes, fully informed."

Councilman Hernandez has previously stated that he will not resign his

In conclusion, Councilman Hernandez stated, "I wish to thank all who
have expressed their well wishes, support and prayers. This exercise has
helped create a call to action like no other. The voters of District 1
continue to discuss and debate this recall effort and its' instigators.
To me, the silver lining to this event is that the people of District 1
have become adamant about having a say, about being part of the process,
about wanting to vote."

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