Police Surround Elementary School for Training Exercises

Published 06/25 2014 05:36PM

Updated 06/25 2014 06:19PM

By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX-- Lubbock Police and SWAT surrounded Oak Ridge Elementary Wednesday morning for annual training. 

The training was focused on emergency response tactics for schools in the Frenship district and also focused on some new police technologies. 

Media cameras weren't allowed inside, but Lubbock Police Officer Tracy Moore said that they like to vary their training locations.

"We partner with different venues," Moore said, "which allows us to develop a relationship with them and it helps us know what resources they have available to us as well as of course the layouts of their buildings. If we have this information then we can respond quicker in an active shooter situation."

Sergeant Jason Lewis said that these types of training activities are crucial to the success of the department. 

"If you're not using that stuff except for in real life situations," Lewis said, "it's just not enough and you'll lose those skill sets."

According to Lewis, it was the skills learned while training, that allowed hostage negotiators to diffuse a situation on the 19th. 

"A lot of these situations can be the same." He said. "Whether you're in a school building or somebodies home, it's still some strange guy in the room taking people hostage that he doesn't know. A lot of this stuff is still the same in dealing with people and the situations can be very similar in some aspects."

Click on the video associated with this page for more about the hostage negotiators work on the 19th.

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