Abilene Cleans Abandoned Home in Attempt to Oust Squatters

Published 08/07 2014 09:27AM

Updated 08/07 2014 09:30AM

Image from BigCountryHomepage.com
Image from BigCountryHomepage.com

ABILENE, TX -- The City of Abilene has taken an action that will hopefully help an Abilene neighborhood with some unwelcome neighbors. 

A group of up to ten people at times have taken up residence in the front yard of an abandoned Abilene home, causing what neighbors describe as a mess and, according to one homeowner, waking her children during the night with screaming and fighting.

The same nearby homeowner has complained that the people are leaving trash around the house which makes its way into her yard. She also says they are doing their business outside, causing a horrible smell. 

The City Marshals Office and Code Enforcement are working on the case, but the fact that the people would not be able to pay any citations written against them limits any legal action by the city. 

Instead, the city cleaned up the property Wednesday afternoon, not only throwing away any trash, but also cutting back bushes and branches that the people using the yard had been using to conceal their stay. 

The home, through a legal process that the city of Abilene initiated, will eventually go up for auction, but that's not until March of 2015. Once purchased, the homeowner will be responsible for keeping up the property and keeping away trespassers.

(Information from BigCountryHomepage.com)

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