Cisco Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself During Dog Attack

CISCO, TX - A Cisco police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg during a Pitbull attack Saturday.

The Cisco Police Department released a statement that said officer Thomas Stiles was injured after responding to a call of a dog attacking a child.

When the officer arrived, the Pitbull charged at him, coming around the corner of a house in a full run, according to the police statement.  The officer drew his weapon as he backed up and stumbled, causing the firearm to discharge and strike him in the leg. 

The Pitbull continued the attack, police said.  Officer Stiles fired his weapon two more times to stop it, according to the statement. It was unclear if the dog was killed or even struck by the bullets. 

Officer Stiles and the child were both expected to make a full recovery from their injuries. 

The statement claims, “The owner of the animal stated the dog had never attacked anyone before.”

Officials said the dog owner will be held accountable by the City of Cisco for the medical bills of both the officer and the child.

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