City of Hobbs, Police Department Release Statement in Response to Federal Lawsuit

HOBBS, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - Yesterday the City of Hobbs and the Hobbs Police Department were made aware through media inquiries of a recently filed Federal Lawsuit related to accusations of what the Hobbs Police Department would deem unethical policing practices. The City of Hobbs, the Hobbs Police Department, nor the individual officers named in this lawsuit have been served and have no specific knowledge of the accusations contained in the suit. Once the parties have been served, the specific allegations will be appropriately reviewed and a response will occur. We take any allegation of policy or procedure violations against the Hobbs Police Department or our officers very seriously, and we will respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

Having not been provided with a copy of this lawsuit, the mere basis that was played out in a media report last night goes against all values and the mission of the Hobbs Police Department. The Hobbs Police Department has worked hard through numerous community partnerships and programs to grow relationships in our community between the department and our citizens. It is unfortunate that these individuals, along with this law firm have chosen this path to paint the Hobbs Police Department in such a negative light.

The Hobbs Police Department is made up of men and women who are dedicated to the community they serve. The organization is not perfect, but works hard to be responsive to our community and the standards that would be expected of a professional law enforcement organization. The individual human factor is always present and when issues arise, the department works to hold those employees accountable who make mistakes or bad decisions. The Hobbs Police Department is committed to providing quality and professional service to all citizens and we will continue to serve our community in a professional and unbiased manner.

(News release from the Hobbs Police Department)

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