Concho Valley Counties Considering Illegal Immigrant Resolutions

Published 08/06 2014 10:34AM

Updated 08/06 2014 10:36AM

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BALLINGER & PAINT ROCK, TX -- More Concho Valley officials are considering resolutions to prevent illegal immigrant children from Central American being housed in local facilities. One judge said it could bankrupt his county.

This month Irion, Runnels, and Schleicher Counties could join other Texas counties in approving a resolution requesting unaccompanied minors from Central America not be transferred to West Texas.

Runnels County Judge, Barry Hilliard, said his county does not have enough money to pay to house the young immigrants.

"It could actually bankrupt our.... make it very difficult for our little county," stated Hilliard.

The only available housing in Runnels County would be at local churches. 

Hilliard expects Runnels County Commissioners to unanimously approve a resolution as soon as next week.

"All of our churches are involved in our Homeland Security programs and that is to supply food and so forth in case of emergencies. This would fall under that," explained Hilliard.

Across the Concho Valley, in Concho County, commissioners said they will not consider a similar resolution. Concho County Judge, Allen Amos, thinks it is unlikely the federal government will even decide to house undocumented minors in his county. He said a resolution would only be a statement.

"I made the decision not to bring it to Comissioners Court and I have not had any commissioners ask me to do so. If they decide to put them there, they're going to put them there," Amos said. "Commissoners Court does not have the ability to create ordinances or laws for or against these things."

Schleicher County is considering adding the resolution to next week's agenda. So far, a decision has not yet been made as to when they will discuss it.

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