El Paso Flight Forced to Land in Midland When Pilots ‘Timed Out'

Published 07/23 2014 11:05AM

Updated 07/23 2014 11:30AM

United Express jet forced to land, image from permianbasin360.com
United Express jet forced to land, image from permianbasin360.com
By Tyler Thomason

MIDLAND, TX -- A United flight traveling from Houston to El Paso on Tuesday was forced to land in Midland, according to airport officials.  The flight was diverted because the pilots had “timed out,” an official said.

United Express Jet flight was full, and passengers said they left Houston around 5:00 pm Tuesday.  Many of the passengers expressed their frustration.

“I’m coming from Germany,” Frank Goralske said. “I have to stay (Wednesday) morning in Mexico, in Juarez to make [the] set up for a new machine, and that’s not possible at the moment.  So, it’s going to be a big mess.”

Travis Smart, another passenger, was also upset about the forced change in his plans, saying, “We don't really know what’s going on.”

“Like I said, I'm on vacation,” Smart said.  “So, I’m losing days trying to figure out what I'm going to do for the night, and when I’m actually going to get to my destination.”

The flight was scheduled to arrive in El Paso around 6:30 on Tuesday night.

(Story from permianbasin360.com)

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