Family Dog Saves Man's Life During Midland House Fire

Published 07/12 2014 10:45AM

Updated 07/12 2014 10:50AM

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MIDLAND, TX -- A family’s pit bill is crediting for saving the life of a man during a house fire in Midland on Thursday.

"I see this little dog, well 65-pound little dog, laying in the backyard. I see one of my cats lying in the backyard," Karen Johnston said. 

Karen recalls seeing the lifeless bodies of her beloved pets.

The fire broke out at Karen's home around six Thursday morning.

"I didn't have much sleep and I was not getting up that morning," said Read Johnston, Karen's husband. 

Read tells me he feels extremely grateful that their family dog, Sunny, woke him up.

He says Sunny saved his life.

"I was relieved because you know, otherwise he wouldn't be sitting here," Karen said. 

Read says he first saw small flames in the spare bedroom and believed he could put it out quickly with a hose from the front yard.

"And that was a mistake in retrospect 'cause after I came back in I couldn't find any kitty or dog and I kept calling and they had hidden by then," Read said. 

While the couple mourns the loss of their two pets, they hope something good comes for their sacrifice.

Karen tells me she hopes Sunny will help disprove the often negative stereotype of pit bulls. 

"I've had friends say oh you know, I would never live with a pit bull, I would never live with them," Karen said. 

Karen tells me without Sunny, their pit bull; her husband wouldn't be alive today. 

"She lived to please, there was nothing that she wouldn't do I mean, she would protect you," Karen said. 

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