Fire at Permian High School Started by Student's Phone

ODESSA, TX - A classroom fire at Permian High School Wednesday was caused by a Samsung cell phone.  Students evacuated the class, but no one was injured.

"Something like that would have the potential to be a bigger deal. We're glad it was not." said ECISD Spokesperson Mike Adkins.

Adkins also said, "The student's cell phone was in his pocket, and it was starting to get hot, so he was going to take it to the front of the classroom.  On the way up there, he dropped it on the floor.  When it hit the floor, it burst into flames; they evacuated the classroom."

Sharon C., a cell phone repair specialist with Odessa's Advanced Wireless Communications said hot phones aren't a laughing matter.

"It very easily could have exploded and burned his leg."

She said the phone most likely caught on fire because of an expired cell phone battery.

"That's when it become the greatest risk, when you have a swelled up battery or, let's say you keep charging your phone and you notice it's not keeping a charge. That is also a danger."

But  a dirty phone could also equal a potential hazard. A phone can also over heat while it's charging or when too many apps are open.

Use the video link above for more information on this story.

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