Gunman Shoots Two, Including an Ector Co. Sheriff's Deputy

Published 08/09 2014 12:36PM

Updated 08/09 2014 02:23PM

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ODESSA, TX – Authorities have arrested a gunman, identified at Darrel Green, who is accused of shooting an Ector County Sheriff's Deputy Friday afternoon.

Javier Leyva, an investigator with the Ector County Sheriff's office, was shot in the line of duty in the 3200 block of W. Tenth Street Friday afternoon.

"If he'll shoot at a police officer, he'll shoot at anybody else," said Sgt. Gary Deusler, public information officer for the Ector County Sheriff's office. 

Sgt. Deusler says Leyva was not the first person shot by the gunman.

"The suspect got out, went over to another vehicle and attempted to car jack it, ended up shooting that driver, and then shot our officer," Sgt. Deusler said. 

Leyva was watching the vehicle the gunman was reportedly first in, as it was believed to be involved in a drive-by shooting earlier this week.

After shots were fired, multiple officers rushed to the scene. 

"When an officer puts out that he's been shot or needs help, everything stops and that's priority one," said Sgt. Deusler said.

Sgt. Deusler says the shooter took off. And that multiple law enforcement agencies joined in the search for the shooter, including Odessa Police

"We're here to back them up and provide them with any resources," said Andrea Goodson, public information officer for the City of Odessa. 

The joint effort helped to catch the armed shooter in just a few hours.

But the investigation is far from over. 

"We're going through the process of doing the crime scene investigation, they're photographing everything and lifting any prints," said Sgt. Deusler.

The shooter's name was released to media on Saturday. Darrel Green is charged with parole violation, two counts of Aggravated Robbery and attempted Capital Murder of a peace officer.

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