Hobbs Woman Arrested Friday, Charged With Forgery and Embezzlement

HOBBS, NM (NEWS RELEASE) - At approximately 2:49 pm on Friday, August 18, officers arrested Maricela Garza (52) of Hobbs on charges of forgery and embezzlement, stemming from a report made from the management company of the Washington Place Apartments in Hobbs. A report was made in January, 2017 to police indicating suspicion of forgery and embezzlement of tenants rent checks by the former temporary employee, Garza, when she worked at the complex.

On multiple occasions, tenants would report they had given their money orders to Garza in order to pay their rent for that month, and then they would find their account to be considered delinquent, as the money had not been deposited.

Garza was brought in for questioning in March and admitted to putting her name in the blank “pay to the order of” line of the money orders and cashing them for herself. Garza was found to have embezzled $2,426.00 and to have forged approximately 8 money orders.

Garza was arrested without incident and is charged with Forgery (4th degree felony) and Embezzlement (4th degree felony) and was released on a cash or surety bond of $10,000 from Hobbs Magistrate Court.

(News release from the Hobbs Police Department)

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