Hundreds March for Texas Immigrants and Refugees

AUSTIN, TX— - The crowd directed their chants at Governor Greg Abbott, who made the sanctuary policy ban one of four emergency items this session.

“Our biggest concern is that Texas, in a lot of ways, and our state leadership is following the same path and the same rhetoric that Donald Trump has been pushing,” Cadena said.

Texas Republicans argue Senate Bill Four targets criminals, not immigrants. SB 4 would require local law enforcement to honor federal immigration detainers.

With ‘No SB 4’ signs in hand, the crowd marched from Austin’s City Hall to the South steps of the Capitol.

President Trump is expected to sign a new refugee and immigration executive order Wednesday.

Cadena said, “We do not want to see our communities divided, everyone belongs in this great nation of ours and that we have contributed in many different aspects to this country.”  

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