Las Cruces Church Sign at Center of Social Media Controversy

LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) - Max Perkins is the pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Las Cruces. He's used to spreading messages surrounding his religion but this week he was blind sided to hear messages, seeming to be spread by his church, are sparking outrage across social media.

"We're playing catch up to all this," Perkins said.

He has been receiving calls from across the country, from places like Florida and California, all complaining about a post on Twitter showing his church sign with the message "Vote for Moore he's a man of God". Referring to Roy Moore, the Alabama senate candidate facing several sexual misconduct allegations.

Pastor Perkins says his church has never posted such a message and it is "photoshopped".

 "I wasn't too happy about it right off the bat our church's position isn't a political one," Perkins explained.

The post got more than 5,000 retweets and other controversial messages have also popped up online using the same sign.

Perkins says he isn't out for revenge against the person who used his sign in the post but instead will be praying for them and hopes they will apologize.

He says at this point he's not considering legal action but is considering to stop putting messages on the Church sign all together.

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