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Lueders Family Visits the Aftermath of Christmas Eve House Fire

LUEDERS, Texas (KTAB) - The day after Christmas, while most families are enjoying their gifts, one family lost everything near and dear to them.  An electrical fire broke out at a family's home Christmas Eve in the 300 block of East Cook Street in Lueders. Fortunately, the family made it out safely, but their home is destroyed and two of their dogs died in the fire.

"Everything is gone," Elizabeth Soto said as she and her husband, Brandon Soto, looked what is left of the place she's called home for two years.

What started as an electrical fire soon engulfed the Soto's home.

"Honestly the only thing running through my mind was to get my kids out and to get them away from the smoke and the flames," Elizabeth said.

"It didn't even take but five minutes after we got out of the front door," Brandon said.



All of their belongings and memories are destroyed.

"My kids' baby books, their footprints, pictures that can't be replaced, things from my grandfather that passed away, from his great grandfather and great grandmother," Elizabeth said.

Although the fire was only five feet from the Soto's daughters, Elizabeth was able to grab the girls, even with a broken leg, and make it out alive. 

"I screamed at her and told her to get the kids out of the house and she grabbed both kids out of the beds and I mean she hauled butt outside," Brandon said

And when they searched through the ashes, the only thing that could be saved was Elizabeth's original engagement ring Brandon gave her 15 years ago.  Like the ring, the Soto's say they will make it through.

Donations to the family can be made at First Bank Texas in Abilene to their saving's account.  A family friend also set up a Go Fund Me page called Helping the Soto Family.  Gifts and other donations can be sent to 202 East King Street in Lueders, Texas.

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