Odessa Man Starting Change Movement to Improve Odessa

Published 03/20 2014 01:57PM

Updated 03/20 2014 02:12PM

Odessa Real Change Movement
Odessa Real Change Movement
ODESSA, TX  -- "We were promised by certain leaders change and we haven't seen such. The saying was, "Yes, we can," I'm saying, "Yes, we will," Chris Aguero said.

Aguero is taking a stand. "Whenever I grew up, I could walk across the street and not have to worry about a strange man approaching me. Nowadays, I feel bad if I let my son go to the park by himself," Aguero said.

Aguero started the "real change movement" Facebook page on Monday and it's already received more than 300 likes. Aguero started the movement to improve the city of Odessa.

"I got sick and tired of waiting for somebody to come into my city and say 'Hey, lets clean this up.' I figured if anybody's going to do it I might as well be the man for the job," Aguero said.

Aguero isn't alone, other parents have also gotten involved in the movement, all with a goal of improving the city for future generations. And the city's increase in crime and violence is something they hope they can change.

"That can't keep going on, it can't continue like it has been," Sallie Lozoya, a volunteer for the movement, said.

Aguero says it's not too late to change Odessa. And although he started the movement, it's a change that can't happen without community involvement.

"At the same time a lot of people have been telling me I may not make a difference in Odessa just because how badly the city's declined, but at the same time I wouldn't feel like a proper parent if I didn't try," Aguero said.

But the movement has already received a lot of positive feedback. "It's so humbling to know that there's so many people that are so eager to get behind us so fast," said Lozoya.

Aguero says the ultimate goal is to bring back a family that has moved away.

"If I can bring back one family and have them trust their family's safety in a city that we've built together, that will make all this worth it," said Aguero.

It's a change he says he can't do alone but, with help from Odessans, he believes by this time next year, the city will be ten times better.

"The people of Odessa is really what's gonna change this, I'm just here to lead in the March," Aguero said.

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