Oil, Water Top List of Key Issues at West Texas Legislative Summit

Published 08/07 2014 09:36AM

Updated 08/07 2014 09:39AM

SAN ANGELO, TX -- The future of the oil and gas industry as well as water reuse are key issues for the eleventh annual West Texas Legislative Summit.

State lawmakers, oil company directors, and educators agree what happens in the Permian Basin and surrounding areas will impact the state's future. 

"What happens in San Angelo, and Midland, and Eagle Ford is very important for the future of the state," stated Statewide Joint Assoc. Oil & Gas Education Initiative, Luke Legate.   

One big question is how long the oil boom will last in the Concho Valley. While Legate is hesitant to answer, he said the boom could last for a decade.

"Companies that decide to invest billions of dollars in oil and gas drilling in Texas wouldn't do so if they felt they would not have a good return on investment over the next five, ten years," Legate said.

Texas Railroad Commissioner, David Porter, said the duration of the oil boom is tied to the amount of water that is available.

"Water is the most important resource in the state and, of course, the thing we have to remember when we talk about water is who the big water users are and it's really not the oil and gas industry," Porter said. "It's municiple use, it's agriculture, it's a lot of other activity."

Porter said it is easy for the oil and gas industry to be blamed for water shortages in towns like Barnhart; but, he said it is really the increased population.

"The problem, as far as water shortage, is looking at the future in Texas is not the increase in oil and gas production.... it's the increase in population," finished Porter

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