Phone Book Misprint Puts New Mexico East of Texas

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - This week KRQE reported that the Dex phone book for the Albuquerque market misprinted a time zone and area code map.  The map on page 5 puts New Mexico east of Texas.

How the heck did that happen?” asked one Albuquerque resident.  “That’s a major defect,” said another.

“I know it would confuse people,” said Texas resident Johnny De Leon.

Tourists and Albuquerque residents alike told KRQE that people already have a hard enough time figuring out where New Mexico is. 

“People ask me sometimes if you have to have a passport to come to New Mexico,” said one tourist.

KRQE contacted Dex Media which then sent the following statement:

Dex Media, official print directory publisher for CenturyLink, recognized a misprint in the March 2017 Albuquerque issue, where the map of the U.S. was printed backwards. We sincerely apologize for the error in question.

After evaluating the error, we concluded that reprinting and distributing a new directory to more than 312,000 Albuquerque residents would not be the most cost effective solution and would cause more confusion to consumers.

Dex said the Albuquerque metro phone books were the only ones with the misprint.


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