Police Officer Arrested, Accused of Repeatedly Following High School Girl

Published 07/23 2014 01:21PM

Updated 07/23 2014 01:27PM

Steven Bret Nabors, image from texomashomepage.com
Steven Bret Nabors, image from texomashomepage.com
SAINT JO, TX -- A Saint Jo police officer, Steven Bret Nabors, 34, was arrested for a class-A misdemeanor charge of official oppression.  Nabors was accused of repeatedly following and illegally stopping a high school student.  He has since posted bond to be released from the Montague County Jail.   

Texas Rangers asked that the media not release the 18-year-old’s name.  She told school officials Nabors had stopped her on more than one occasion and that Nabors had been following her outside the city limits since October 2013.

Official records said she was not issued a citation or warning for any offense.  A sworn affidavit said during one traffic stop Nabors told her a turn signal was about to go out.  But she said when she got home the turn signal was working fine.

She told police Nabors followed her outside of Saint Jo into Montague and days followed her to a steakhouse in Montague.  Then about a week later she said he followed her to the Cooke County line.

According to the affidavit Nabors told investigators he did not know the student and did not stop her for her turn signal or registration. He also said he never followed her outside of the city.

The Texas Rangers are continuing to investigate.

(Information from texomashomepage.com) 

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