Potentially Dangerous Kissing Bugs Confirmed in Wichita Falls

Published 08/12 2014 12:44PM

Updated 08/12 2014 12:47PM

Image of Kissing Bug from US CDC
Image of Kissing Bug from US CDC
WICHITA FALLS, TX -- The so-called Kissing Bug has made its way to Wichita Falls and it can have a deadly bite because of the parasite it carries.   

David Shoop with Shoop’s Texas Termite and Pest said his business confirmed at least seven Kissing Bugs over the span of 48 hours.  Shoop also said the bugs have been found in parts of Wichita and Wilbarger counties.

A bite from the bug can be the kiss of death in the form of Trypanosoma Cruzi.  That’s the parasite that causes Chagas disease which can cause cardiac arrest, paralysis and intestinal problems.

Shoop said, “The risk of somebody actually contracting Chagas from a Kissing Bug is very, very low. The fear has been overwhelming from people that have been calling.”

Shoop also said testing the bugs for Chagas will start next week. Meanwhile he encouraged people to wear bug repellant with Deet.

(Information from texomashomepage.com)

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