Rusty Water Flowing From the Tap In Wichita Falls

Published 07/11 2014 11:15AM

Updated 07/11 2014 11:17AM

WICHITA FALL, TX -- Some Wichita Falls water users may be experiencing what city officials are calling "rusty water" now that the Cypress Water Treatment Plant is online.

For the last 8 months, Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says all the water that had supplied to the city was coming from the Jasper Water Treatment Plant.

He says that had the water flowing in one direction.

Schreiber says when they brought the Cypress plant back online after turning on the valve to the recycled waste water project on Wednesday; it reversed the flow of water in some areas of the city.

Schreiber says that has stirred up some sediment from cast iron water mains which is causing some water in the water to look unclean or discolored.

He says, "We're testing it extensively before it leaves the water treatment plant. We know it's safe when it leaves the water plant. It's just unfortunate when it gets out there in the system, it gets into that old distribution system and it stirs up any kind of sediment that might be in the distribution system."

Schreiber says it is a temporary problem that is self-correcting.

In addition, he says some of the areas that may see the rustiest water are in the Tanglewood and Canyon Trails neighborhoods. 

He says the easiest thing you can do if you have this problem is to flush it out by leaving the water running for a little bit before using it. 

If you are experiencing these problems, please call Water Distribution Services 940-761-4333.

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