Squatters Take Over North Abilene Home

Published 08/02 2014 02:19PM

Updated 08/02 2014 02:42PM

Image from bigcountryhomepage.com
Image from bigcountryhomepage.com
ABILENE, TX – At least one resident in the Abilene neighborhood near North 8th Street and Grape Street has complained to city officials for more than two years that squatters have taken over an abandoned home. 
The house is boarded up.  So, the homeless people – sometimes about 10 at a time – stay in the front yard, and do all their business outside.

“They do their necessities outside and all the smell – it smells,” said one woman who did not want to be identified by KTAB television in Abilene.  

She said their trash ends up in her yard.  Video from KTAB seemed to confirm the woman’s concerns about trash.

“My kids have to go pick up their trash.”

“My kids, if they are asleep, they get woken up by the screaming yelling and fighting,” she said.

Augustine Esparza is among those who live in the yard of the abandoned house.  He said he does not understand the concerns of the neighbors.

When asked, “Can you see their side of it?” Esparza responded, “I see my side.  This is my land.”

But it’s not his land. 

The City of Abilene said because of a recent court case Texas cities have a tougher time condemning and demolishing abandoned homes.  Abilene said the house is scheduled to go up for auction in March of 2015.

The city also said the property will be cleaned up at taxpayers’ expense.  The City Marshals’ Office and Code Enforcement said the people who are squatting on the property could be issued a citation. 
(Information from bigcountryhomepage.com)

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