Stephen F. Austin University to Become a Tobacco-Free Campus in August

NACOGDOCHES, TX - This week a decision was made that will make Stephen F. Austin University a tobacco-free campus.  The rule goes into effect in August.

It will include all forms of tobacco, smokeless or not, as well as vapor products like E-cigarettes.

In addition to the tobacco ban, it is proposed that students will be able to attend meetings to help overcome tobacco addiction.

"The work for the tobacco-free campus actually started in the summer, June or July," says student body president Tristain Harris. "We had a meeting we talked about it, this is an issue something we can get behind."

After a survey was conducted it was found that 80% of the student body was in favor of a tobacco-free, smokeless campus.

The finer details like how to enforce the new rule are still being worked out.

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