Texas daycare teacher's foot amputated after contracting flesh-eating bacteria

HOUSTON (KRON/CNN) - A daycare teacher in Texas had to have his foot amputated after contracting a flesh-eating disease.

Twenty-six-year-old Raul Reyes was concerned about a blister when he went to a clinic where doctors told him he had a flesh-eating bacteria.

Before it could spread to his bloodstream, doctors had to perform a life-changing surgery.

His wife, Joseline Alfaro said she received a phone call from doctors that her husband would have to undergo surgery.

“They were just going to go in there and check to see if they could save his foot, ” Alfaro said.” And then 30 minutes later… they amputated his foot.”

Alfaro said it all happened so fast and that doctors had no other choice,

“They just tell me they had to amputate because if they didn’t, then he would have died, ” she said.


Doctors believe the bacteria entered through an open wound from an ingrown toenail, but they don’t know where he got it.

Common places for infection are salt or brackish water.

“We were like no, he’s perfectly healthy, we haven’t gone to the beach in like a year so it was so weird how all of this happened,” Alfaro said.

Reyes’ doesn’t have insurance and his family wants to get him a prosthetic foot.

His sister-in-law has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money.

(Story via KRON)

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