Tyler Police Say Woman Brings Newborn to Substation, Twin Infant Dies

TYLER, TX - Tyler Police said one baby received help and another died Thursday.  Both babies were born prematurely at Cumberland Place Apartments in South Tyler, according to police. 

According to Public Information Officer Don Martin, a woman was visiting a friend at the apartment complex when the friend went into labor.

The mother gave birth and her friend, who lived at the apartment, brought the newborn to the South Tyler Police substation.

Officers immediately called EMS for help and the child was taken to a hospital.

In the meantime, authorities responded to the apartment where they discovered the woman had given birth to a twin, but the second child was unresponsive.

The unconscious child was rushed to a hospital, where the child was pronounced dead. The first newborn was listed in stable condition.

The mother was also taken to a hospital.

Police said the mother is 33 years old, and her identity was not released yet.

(Information from easttexasmatters.com)


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