WFISD Mom Says Her Son Was Choked By Substitute Teacher

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls mom, Krystal Catano, said her 11-year-old son was choked in class this week by a substitute teacher at Ben Franklin Elementary.

“She came behind him and was like squeezing his neck,” said Catano.

Catano said it happened Tuesday morning after the teacher asked the class to lower their voices.

“It was just sad, you know the things that he was telling me and how he felt and how it made him feel,” she said.

Catano said her son told another teacher and the principal was notified.  But police were not notified by the school and Catano raised that as an issue.

“They know what to do when a child hits a teacher, right? They call the police,” Catano said. “So, they're not going to call the police when a teacher hits a student?”

However, Catano said she called police later that day and made a report.

WFISD released a statement, which said, “We did investigate the situation at Franklin. After the investigation, it was determined that there was no need for police involvement or a CPS report. However, the substitute did handle the discipline inappropriately and is no longer on our sub list.”

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