Wichita Falls So Dry That Even Water Collected by AC's Put to Use

Published 07/22 2014 09:27AM

Updated 07/22 2014 09:33AM

Image from texomashomepage.com
Image from texomashomepage.com
WICHITA FALLS, TX -- In Wichita Falls drought conditions are so bad that “every drop counts” when it comes to water conservation.  For example,  air conditioning units produce water from condensation, and health officials say the water is safe for certain uses.   Some AC units are big enough to need a PVC pipe to drain the water outside. 

Wichita Falls resident Clayton Lane said he collects 2 to 3 gallons per day from his air conditioning unit by putting a milk jug under the condensation pipe.

“Walk around the outside of your house.  Take a look at your pipes,” Lane said.  “See if you’ve got one that’s dripping water on the outside - usually a white PVC pipe that's coming out.  Just find it; stick a little something under it.”

Lane then waters his plants and trees with the water.

“[It is safe] on your yard to water your plants, anything that's not going to be consumed by the public itself,” said Lou Kreidler with the Wichita Falls Health Department.

Kreidler said that water is also not allowed in pools, even if the water is being treated.  The AC condensation water is not considered safe to drink. 

(Information from texomashomepage.com)

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